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Bronx Masquerade

This book is about a boy who goes to visit his dad while his mother is away.  When Matt gets to his dads house he finds that there is no one home and the place is a complete disaster, even worse than usual.  He follows his dads instructions from a secret message to visit his aunt at her bosses mansion.  Matt goes with Mr. Venture and his daughter on a trip to Rio in South America to a ancient pyramid with an even older understructue.  There he meets the man his father was working for when he disapeared. Together Mr. Venture, Mr. Harper and his assistant, Robin, and Matt go to an European Island where it appears, by Matts fathers plane ticket, the Treasure of St. John is buried.  They all work to find the treasure, hoping it will lead them to Matts father.  Although Mr. Venture has his suspisions about Mr. Harper, they still all work together to find the treasure, without telling Harper why they suspect an Island near the specified place where the plane ticket is for. They all hope to find something, but they're two different incentives, with compleatly different motives. It turns out Venture was right. Harpers assistant turns on them and takes the disk to Harper after the kids escape. Now, will Venture, Robin, Matt's parents, and Matt stop Harper from Controling the world?????